Kitchener's Candy Store!

On the always rocking Ontario (FUNtario) street, you'll find the best darn candy store ever! Candy Candy Candy (I can't let you go) is THE BEST. Seriously.

Fun Fact:

Those other candy stores don't love you the way we do. In fact, they called us earlier, and they said they really don't like you at all.

It's true! But you don't need to be sad, because we love you. Everything's gonna be all right.


That's nice, but what do you do?

Good question, random citizen! We sell candy, which sounds smarmy, but it's not. Here at Candy Candy Candy, we sell all the candy! Though we specialize in the nostalgia of candy, we do have a bit of everything candy related, and you know what? We're getting new stuff all the gosh darn time!


We also have glasses, and masks, and cool junk and stuff! Serious, it's a real hodgepodge of awesome in here.

Honest truth here, you need to swing on in. Or, use the door I guess. Really, whichever you wish.