Candy Candy Candy


Welcome to the best darn candy store in Kitchener! Or, I guess, the website FOR the best darn candy store in Kitchener. And hey, did you see that you can order stuff here? That's right, we're online, sharing candy with a good darn chunk of Canada (but just Canada. Sorry. Read the Shipping and Handling thing for more on that)

Now, hey, I hear you saying "Why should I buy candy here online? There's other shops....". And you know what? There are. But they don't love you like we do. IN FACT, just the other day, your candy store told us that they don't even LIKE you.

It's true. But you know what? We like you, and we think they're jerks for saying that about you. And don't you worry, 'cause we told them just that. It's okay. You've found us now. Everything's gonna be all right.